application was created in IBM Lotus-Notes, which eliminates unauthorized access, or even manipulation with stored data and snapshots - during processing of the offense is documented when and who performed selected action

application allows processing of:

  • offences documented in digital form, for example exceeding maximal allowed speed and running a red light
  • offences announced in other form, for example written
  • traffic accidents

the software allows displaying saved snapshots, documents offence management by authority and entering registration plate of the selected vehicle

  • automatic import of the digital documentation of the offence
  • the delivering book is generated along with the print of the summons
  • automatic generation of the summons on selected date (it is possible to plan the number of summoned on certain day)

  • application covers whole procedure of the offence documentation process, from its recording to solving
  • applications ensures automatic control of the deadlines
  • the way of solving the offence is saved in the application, including penalties and imposed penalty ticket

citations from the actual wording of the laws dealing with traffic are available in the application

Reportáž o úsekovém měření

"Dnes můžeme říci, že povolenou rychlost v obci
překračuje méně než
jedno procento řidičů"


Average speed

Measuring average vehicle speed driving the selected measured stretch of road.

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