Speed indicator device "Light"

  • basic version without additional panel
  • height of the numbers 250 mm, 300mm and 400mm
  • any variation of the front panel
  • additional panel possible
  • powering from accumulators in the device
  • powering from public lighting in night hours
  • possibility of solar powering
  • simple installation on pillar
  • installation including and accessible service directly from the producer
  • possibility of buying on payments
  • lending possible
  • realization possible in Czech and Slovak republic (for other country, please contact us)

Reportáž o úsekovém měření

"Dnes můžeme říci, že povolenou rychlost v obci
překračuje méně než
jedno procento řidičů"


Average speed

Measuring average vehicle speed driving the selected measured stretch of road.

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