Detection of running a red light - SYDO Traffic Redlight

SYDO Traffic Redlight is detectional and recording system, which monitors the traffic situation on traffic lights in cities and towns.

Information provided by system:

  • license plate reading
  • snapshots for traffic accident solving
  • photos and videos
  • detailed statistics of vehicle behavior
  • vehicle classification (personal, vans, trucks)
  • photos and videos archivation

The device is passive with respect to the crossroads controller – it doesn't need any information from the controller about the status of the signaling device.

System consists of:

  • camera monitoring the light-signaling device and situation on the crossroads
  • camera providing images of driver and license plate of the vehicle
  • server along with SYDO Traffic PEN for browsing and processing snapshots and creating offence documentation

After red signal "STOP" After lighting up red signal "Stop" at traffic lights and vehicle crossing the "Stop line", device captures photos of:

  • license plate
  • driver face
  • situation on the road at the time of committing the offense

The photos are marked with time and they are signed electronically


  • along with SYDO Traffic Semafor system
  • on crossroads managed by traffic lights
Overview camera
Camera for detail


  • 230 V permanently
  • uninterruptible power supply (battery) 12 V (charging from the network of public lighting)

Approved by the Ministry of Transport Czech Republic for use on roads
Certificate of suitability of product suitability from czech company Silniční vývoj ZDZ.

Reportáž o úsekovém měření

"Dnes můžeme říci, že povolenou rychlost v obci
překračuje méně než
jedno procento řidičů"


Average speed

Measuring average vehicle speed driving the selected measured stretch of road.

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