Speed indicator device "Zeus"

  • highly intelligent traffic device used for preventive statistical and evaluation purposes
  • is one of the most intelligent traffic devices of this type on   market
  • record traffic offenses - no entry for trucks, no entry into zones etc..
  • recording situation on the road or overview video sent to the internet or mobile phone (in accordance with the wording of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data)
  • Suitable for towns and cities addressing problems with increased transit and traffic accidents
  • high customizability in settings and usage
  • possibility of individual text modification
  • number height 250 mm, 300mm and 400mm
  • recording the passage of vehicles
  • speed displaying
  • formation of stress maps
  • record of meteorological data
Leták Zeus ke stažení

Reportáž o úsekovém měření

"Dnes můžeme říci, že povolenou rychlost v obci
překračuje méně než
jedno procento řidičů"


Average speed

Measuring average vehicle speed driving the selected measured stretch of road.

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